Leading the way in commercial loan monitoring and analysis solutions.

Reduce risk and boost profitability with our loan monitoring software solution.

 A leader in post-origination commercial loan monitoring and analysis solutions, Covarity helps working capital lenders monitor and improve their commercial loan portfolio’s health and performance. By streamlining, standardizing and automating the collection and analysis of borrower financial information, Covarity offers a complete platform to profitably grow customers’ businesses while maintaining a 360° view of their portfolios. Covarity can monitor small to large commercial loan portfolios requiring frequent and detailed reviews of collateral and financials.

Our Advantage

By providing the insight and control that lenders need to profitably grow their portfolios, Covarity enables lenders to enjoy improved competitiveness, lower costs, and richer client experiences. Over 20,000 working capital loans representing more than $9 billion in outstanding balances are regularly monitored and analyzed using Covarity.

Introducing Our All-New Solution for Agriculture Loan Monitoring

Take control of your credit risk exposure with our new module which will help facilitate the retrieval of crop and livestock information from your borrowers.

Streamlined data retrieval

  • Eases the retrieval of financial data for margin and ratio analysis
  • Eliminates manual processes for requesting, collecting and analyzing financial information
  • Automatic email reminders, client portal, document repository

Automated financial analysis

  • Eliminates manual processes for analyzing financial information
  • Portfolio Intelligence that identifies possible fraudulent reporting within your commercial portfolio
  • Improves analysis quality and efficiency
  • Automates the ratio and borrowing base calculations of a lender’s commercial portfolio

Portfolio-wide reporting & insights

  • Ad hoc insightful reporting for commercial portfolios
  • Borrower reports for lenders and clients, portfolio reports for managers
  • Business insights for clients and the front office

Customer Benefits

  • Reduced risk, lower costs, improved competitiveness
  • Richer client experiences
  • Efficiency gains for front and back office

"The Covarity team is very supportive, were all the time when required. Were very helpful in regards to any query raised. Client portal is very easy and simple to navigate."

"The application has become more and more easy and helpful."

"Easy to use after the initial training. Updates are intuitive and explained well."

"Easy to navigate and you can always undo any wrong step. As you become familiar with the application there are multiple routes to achieve your end goal."

“The services provided help financial institutions and customers alike."

"The more day to day work loads can be automated."

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