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Proven asset management software solutions

Our back office solutions include a comprehensive lease and loan management accounting solution. Our cloud-based accounting software eliminates the need for clients to purchase expensive servers and infrastructure equipment. Data is housed in a high-security facility and we handle data back-up, server upgrades and maintenance.

Infinity Asset is one-half of our end-to-end flexible and holistic lease and loan management solution. 

Asset financing made easy with our comprehensive cloud-based management and accounting solution.

Our Advantage

  •  Ability to manage a wide variety of financial products (including leases, daily interest loans, revolving lines of credit, participations, syndications, and securitizations.)
  • Software solution covers the entire process from booking and funding through contract management to contract termination
  • Easy-to-use software is designed to be operated by all staff
  • Handles annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly, twice a month, bi-weekly, weekly, and variable contract frequencies
  • Cost-effective, flexible and scalable back-office solutions

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